District Charsadda has all together 1001 Primary, 105 Middle, 94 Secondary and 24 Higher Secondary Schools. Apart from public schooling, and following the national trend, Charsadda also has a spate of private institutes and schools offering educational programs.

Of the 1.6 million population, around 150,000 5-16 year olds are enrolled in the schooling system. All in all, the Gross Enrolment Rate (GER) is 79% while the Net Enrolment Rate is 44% at primary level, which is lower than the national and provincial levels- in part due to the poor infrastructure and the backlog of missing facilities.

The educational institutes suffer a chronic neglect and under-capacity. Poor hygiene and WASH conditions further exacerbate the problem. Having suffered a series of man-made disasters as well as natural calamities, the school buildings are shabby and deteriorated. The poor infrastructure and lack of adequate facilities at schools mainly contribute to increased dropouts and less enrolments.


61% Literacy rate

39% Illiteracy Rate